• A chemical reaction tracked by nc-AFM.
  • Chemical and electronic structure of a polymer.
  • Bottom-up synthesized graphene nanoribbon.
  • Atomic collapse in artificial nuclei on graphene.
  • STM image of graphene nanobubbles on Pt(111).
  • Graphene nanoribbon from unzipped carbon nanotube.
  • STM image of a TTB-azobenzene island on Au(111) after UV irradiation showing stripes of cis isomers.
  • Self-assembly of nano-photovoltaic molecules.
We are a condensed matter research group located in Birge Hall on the UC Berkeley campus. Using scanning probe microscopy, we investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of various nano-structures. Current fields of research include carbon nanostructures, photovotaics, magnetic nano-structures, and molecular machines. Follow the links under research for more information on these projects.