J. D. Jackson

Professor Emeritus
Particle Theory


Current Projects

Some effort is devoted to practical (4-d) particle physics and ancillary subjects such as energy loss, applications of synchrotron radiation, and topics in accelerator physics. From time to time, a pedagogical paper is written for the teachers of physics. A major activity at present is as a student (one of the advantages of retirement!): Exploration of diverse topics in physics and astrophysics, sometimes with simple programs on my iMac, topics that my education so far slighted or neglected.

Errata For Classical Electrodynamics

An unfortunate activity is keeping track of misprints and errors in my text, Classical Electrodynamics. The current compilation can be found on the John Wiley College web site,
. An Adobe Acrobate reader is needed to view or download the pdf file.

Web site

The Physics Department has a page on each faculty member on its web site. An additional web page, with links to some items of possible interest, including more recent corrections for ClassicalElectrodynamics beyond the Wiley website mentioned above, is http://www-theory.lbl.gov/jdj/.

Selected Publications

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A. C. Helmholz, "History of the Physics Department, University of California, Berkeley, 1950-1968," edited by John David Jackson, © Dept. of Physics, University of California, Berkeley, (2004).