Professor Roger Falcone

Curriculum Vitae

I have taught at UC Berkeley in the Physics Department since 1983, and was Chair from 1995 to 2000. I received my BA (physics) and PhD (EE) from Princeton and Stanford. Since 2006 I have been the director of the Advanced Light Source synchrotron at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a national user facility that supports over 2000 visiting scientists from around the world every year in a broad range of science, including energy, biology, physics, and chemistry, as well as technology of interest to industries ranging from pharmaceutical to semiconductor companies. My other activities include working with Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science on K-12 education issues, oversight committees for the nation’s national laboratories (LLNL and LANL), and advisory boards for several European laboratories. I serve as a board member of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center, a new and unique model for community libraries.

James Cryan| Post-Doc | LBNL

I am interested in ultrafast photo-induced dynamics in atomic and molecular systems. I am particularly interested in the dynamics of the excited states of these systems, and how energy transfer takes place inside a molecule. My interest in excited state dynamics has lead to the development of new tools (light sources, detectors, etc.) and techniques (new spectroscopies,molecular alignment, time-resolved techniques, etc.) in order to better understand the physics involved.

Currently we areexploitingstrong-field driven high harmonic generation (HHG) to produce a vacuum/extreme ultraviolet (VUV/XUV) light source for time-resolved studies. We use a VUV pulse to excite a molecular system and follow the dynamics with photoionization spectroscopy using a second XUV pulse. The resulting photofragments are collected using a velocity map imaging spectrometer which give fragmentkineticenergy and angular distribution information.

Dominik Kraus | Post-Doc | LLNL

My research interest is trying to understand the microscopic structure and corresponding equation of state properties of warm and hot dense matter with pressures in the Mbar up to the Gbar regime. This is comparable to the interiors of planets and stars as well as transient conditions in contemporary inertial confinement fusion concepts. I participate in experimental campaigns at the National Ignition Facility, the Linac Coherent Light Source, the OMEGA Laser facility and other smaller laser laboratories. My focus is especially on the complicated behavior of carbon and plastic in this very interesting regime of matter.

Benjamin Barbrel| Post-Doc | LBNL

Matter brought to tens of thousands of degrees while maintained at or above solid density has attracted physicists attention because the properties of these so-called warm dense plasmas are found to play a crucial role in the description of the internal structure of some astrophysical bodies such as the giant gaz planets in our solar system, or in the modeling of laser-matter interaction processes like the ones encountered in the ongoing endeavor to reach controlled nuclear fusion by inertial confinement.

Their position in parameter space at the interface of solids, liquids and high temperature plasmas, explains why modeling these exotic states and simulating their properties remains a challenge.

My work revolves around conceiving and conducting experiments that involve creating and probing warm dense plasmas in the laboratory, using optical lasers and x-ray sources (the LCLS x-ray free electron laser, the ultrafast dynamics beamline at ALS). I developed a special interest in the technique of inelastic x-ray scattering measurement of plasma properties.

Kyle Engelhorn| Graduate Student Researcher | LBNL

I am broadly interested in ultrafast techniques used create and understand Warm Dense Matter (WDM) and Hot Dense Matter (HDM). These regimes are relevant to astrophysical phenomena and many material processes and present unique challenges in both experimentally and computationally. I am involved in experiments at the ALS and LCLS which aim to build the fundamental understanding and experimental capability in the WDM and HDM regimes.

Elio Champenois| Graduate Student Researcher | LBNL

My research interests include ultrafast science, nonlinear optics, and chemical dynamics. I am working on developing and using a bright High Harmonic Generation source to conduct UV pump, UV probe studies of femtosecond dynamics in molecules.

Alison Saunders| Graduate Student Researcher | LBNL

My research interests consist of all aspects of free electron lasers, including the electron beam, the x-rays produced, and the many applications of the x-rays.


Tom Allison
Professor, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Byoung-ick Cho
Professor, Gwangiu Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea

Alfredo Correa
Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CA

Paul Davis
Legislative Fellow, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Washington, DC

Tom Donnelly
Professor, Department of Physics, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA

Luke Fletcher
Scientist, SLAC National Accelerator Lab, Stanford, CA

Ernie Glover
Scientist, Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA

Ken Goldberg
Scientist, Center for X-Ray Optics, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA

Susanna Gordon
Manager, System Studies Department, Sandia National Lab, Livermore, CA

Michael Greaves
Tech Lead/Manager, Skybox Imaging, Mountain View, CA

Harald Hamster
Vice President, Strategic Projects - Infineon Technologies, Bavaria, Germany

Steve Johnson
Professor, Institute for Quantum Electronics, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Ellen Judd
Physics Instructor, UC Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, CA

Inuk Kang
Professor, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea

Henry Kapteyn
Professor, Physics Department and JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Jorgen Larsson
Professor, Department of Physics, Lund University, Lund, Sweden

Hae Ja Lee
Scientist, LCLS, SLAC National Accelerator Lab, Stanford, CA

Aaron Lindenberg
Professor, Material Science and Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Margaret Murnane
Professor, Physics Department and JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Keir Neuman
Investigator, Laboratory of Single Molecule Biophysics, NHLBI, Bethesda, MD

Aleksandr Polyakov
Postdoc, Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA

David Ponce
Physicist and Radiation Safety Officer, VisuRay, Stavanger Area, Norway

Matt Prantil
Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Livermore, CA

Jim Schuck
Director, Imaging and Manipulation of Nanostructures Facility
Molecular Foundry Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA

Richard Snavely
Formerly - Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
Deeply missed

Alan Sullivan

Research Staff, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, Cambridge, MA

Chris Weber
Professor, Physics Department, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Dana Weinstein
Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT, Cambridge, MA

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