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In this page you can download software designed to control a Pulsed NMR system using an acquisition board. This program was written by the Packard Group to study a broad range of problems in Low Temperature Physics. Furthermore, there is a manual that describes the most important features of this sofware, one of our papers of it and more guides with miscellaneous information about the Pulsed NMR Thermometer.

Download the Pulsed NMR Thermometer Software Version 2



Instructions to Download the software
  1. Click the Download link.
  2. A window will pop up in your computer saying if you want to open or save a file named "" We recommend you to save it.
  3. Once the file is on your computer you should decompress it, the file that should appear is called "The New NMR.llb".
  4. Start Lab View in your computer and open "The New NMR.llb". A File Dialog should pop up. In it there should be a lot of vi's.
  5. The main vi to look for is the one called "The New". Click it and the Main panel of the software will appear.

Manual and guides to the Pulsed NMR Thermometer

If you have any questions about the software contact us!! Last modified Sep/03/2003